#DeflateGate: The Balls may be Flat but Social Media has blown up

After Sunday’s AFC Championship game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots, information quickly began to spread about foul play. According to reports, the New England Patriots game balls were under inflated during the game.  Sports writers took to social media immediately to begin sharing the information as it came out about the situation.

Almost every news outlet began to posts about the controversy from ESPN to the Huffington Post. Many of the posts were serious news about the controversy while some were making jokes about the situation. Social media named the controversy #DeflateGate and it has been trending on Twitter ever since.  As more and more news becomes available on the progress of the investigation we are seeing more posts with that hashtag.

Players reacted to the controversy on twitter as well. Pat McAfee, the Colts punter joked about replacing the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Earlier this week the NFL released information from their investigation that found 11 of the 12 balls used by the Pats were under inflated during the game. Immediately people began to call for punishments from the NFL.

Yesterday, the Patriots held a press conference in which head coach Bill Belichick denied any involvement with the balls being deflated. This put all of the attention on quarterback Tom Brady. During the press conference, reporters were tweeting quotes from Brady and questioning some of his responses to the questions he was asked.

Sports reporters have done an excellent job covering DeflateGate over the past week. As more information comes out we will see how the story develops and what punishments are given to the Patriots.






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