Where I’m coming from

Here are some of the sites I am going to use to pull information and inspiration for future posts from.

George Grimaldo’s  sports blog provides a wide range of stories on the latest in the world of sports. Since I will be talking about them I can find story ideas from this blog.

Bubba Prog  writes about issues in sports. These range from top plays, breaking news, and reactions. I will use this blog to find stories that may not be as obvious as others.

Cj Sports Scrambler is another sports blogger. The blog includes posts on current topics in sports. Cj Sports Scrambler will provide insight onto breaking and developing stories.

College Basketball Nation is an ESPN blog that remains current on all things college basketball. With the season in full swing this blog will help keep me up to date on stories in College Hoops.

Torrey Smith’s blog will help provide a viewpoint of an athlete. I want to explore how players interact with their fans and social media. This will help me be able to do that.

Top Dog Social Media examines the world of social media. It provides commentary on what is going well and what isn’t in the social media universe.

Jenn’s Trends looks into current social media trends. This will help me pinpoint patterns in social media and help me create an informed argument into why certain things are happening on social media.

Yardbarker is a sports blog about rumors in the sports world. This blog will provide insight onto what may happen next so I can be prepared for certain stories to unfold.

SoShable is a social media blog that explores the good and bad of social media. This includes what makes a good site as well as how users can interact with them. This blog will help me see what makes a site more user friendly and can help establish why people do or do not use them.

Now that I have found sites that will assist me with my writing I hope that I will be able to provide more enriched content for you the readers. I will continue to search for other bloggers that have the same mission as me and continue to build a foundation for future success.


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