Maybe Silence Really is Golden

The circus known as Super Bowl Media Day occurred earlier this week. Every year, thousands of reporters flood the players with questions about their preparation, mental state, physical health, and countless other questions leading up to the big game. However, Marshawn Lynch stole the show with one simple answer. “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”

The Seattle Seahawks are known for many things: having the loudest fans, the legion of boom, and beast mode. They are also known for having the most interesting player interviews. After last year’s NFC Championship game we saw Richard Sherman sound off about Michael Crabtree in one of the most….”spirited” interviews of all time.

Sherman is known around the league as one of the best shutdown cornerbacks as well as not being a player to hold his tongue on any subject matter. He is also known as one of the league’s biggest trash talkers. Fans and media alike are drawn to this because he will say what is on his mind.

On the other side of the ball is Marshawn Lynch who is known for his powerful long-yardage runs and entering “Beast Mode.” But what seems to draw more attention from the media is his unwillingness to talk to them.

NFL players are required to “make themselves available to the media.” Lynch has already been fined 100k due to not following this policy. Coming into media day, Lynch was threatened to be fined 500K if he did not make himself available to answer questions. So that is exactly what he did and here is what happened.

Marshawn Lynch was still fined 20K for wearing that hat which wasn’t  approved by the NFL.

But does this really hurt Lynch?

During media day reporters swarmed his booth to see what response they would get this week. Lynch has also received two endorsement deals with Skittles and Progressive. Both commercials focus on his reactions with the media.

Marshawn Lynch also made a lot of noise over social media with many posts about his interview.

While there were many other players interviewed during media day, Lynch was the most talked about over social media. #MarshawnLynch was started and began to trend during media day.

So here’s where we begin to see that silence has been paying off for Lynch. His silence is helping build his brand. He may be an outstanding athlete but its his media presence that gets talked about the most. By getting more and more media attention, companies who are looking for a spokesman can use him for advertising. These companies can play this game with consumers: Marshawn won’t talk to the media, but he’ll talk to us! Making them seem like a great company. These endorsement deals are also fattening up Lynch’s wallet (which he might need to pay off those fines),

So to answer the question is silence really golden? If you play your cards right it looks like it can be.


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