The Birds are the Word

Since Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, the main topic of discussion has not been how the Patriots won, but rather how the Seahawks lost.

For those of you who didn’t catch the end of the game here is how it ended.

Fans, commentators, and writers have all questioned the play calling on this one. With three downs remaining, a timeout left, and one of the leagues premier running backs in your arsenal, why would the Seahawks call a pass play which came back to bite them.

Rumors have erupted that the game was fixed, others say the Seahawks thought they could catch the Pats off guard. Well whatever it truly was, they play didn’t end up working out and the Seahawks handed the Patriots this year’s Lombardi Trophy.

Coming into the Super Bowl, the Patriots had been under the microscope because of the way they made it through the NFL Playoffs. The first scrutiny came after some plays used against the Baltimore Ravens in the divisional round. The second round came after DeflateGate which is still currently under investigation by the NFL. Coming into the game the Seahawks were a clear pubic favorite.

The last drive of the game showed promise for the Seahawks which gave that feeling of a last second, come from behind victory. The drive was highlighted by a miracle catch by receiver Jermaine Kearse. A few more plays put the Seahawks on the one yard line with time left on the clock. The world watched expecting Marshawn Lynch, who had been gaining positive yardage on almost every rushing attempt, punch the ball into the end zone and win the Super Bowl. However, we see that is not the case.

Normally, after the Super Bowl is over, all the talk is about how the winning team did it. Not this year! It’s all about how the Seahawks, the Legion of Boom, Beast Mode, and the infamous 12’s lost on the biggest stage.



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