Once the Ink has Dried

This past Wednesday was one of the biggest day in the college football offseason. National Signing Day, the day where the nation’s best high school football players sign their letters of intent for where they will continue their  football careers.  A lot of work goes into this day: scouts traveling the country looking for the players that will bolster the roster, bringing these recruits to tour the campus and see the facilities and putting together the best offer to get that player to commit.

A lot of media attention is focused on National Signing Day. The top recruits make their decisions in front crowds of reporters. I have personally seen one of these events when a class mate of mine, Adrian Amos, signed his letter of intent to play for Penn State back in 2011. Cameras are all pointed at these athletes as they make they let the nation finally know who they will be suiting up for next season.

This year was no different. ESPN devoted hour of coverage to this day and had reporters all across the nation capturing the moment when these decisions were announced. Afterwards, analyst get straight to ranking how each school’s recruiting class stacks up against the rest.

Along with television coverage, each school was sending out tweets as new players sign with them.

One recruit that stood out on Wednesday was a 6 foot 7 inch, 410 lb behemoth named Motekiai Langi. Langi signed to play at BYU.

Now that signing day is over all we can do now is wait and see if all the hard work put into getting these players will pay off.


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