Why so Serious?

Earlier this week, Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee  jokingly challenged Tiger Woods to a round of golf for betting $100,000 per hole. Woods, who has just recently come off his career worst round of 82 and withdrawing from an event has decided to take some time off from golf because he feels that his game isn’t where it should be.

Scobee attempted to qualify for the US Open in 2010 but failed to make it. Many on Twitter began to fire back at Scobee for the challenge.

Scobee replied to these tweets with some witty comebacks and make more jokes about the people who were attacking him over social media.

The issue here is that there are no clear ways to show sarcasm over the internet. When people go to social media to post a joke some take what they say at face value. This leads to people blowing things out of proportion and making something as simple as a joke go viral and turn into a bigger story.

Woods hasn’t replied to Scobee. So will we see this round of golf ever occur? Probably not but if we do Scobee better hope he brings his A-game or he will be going home with a lot less money in his bank account then when he got there.


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