NBA Trade Deadline: Who is going where?

Today is one of the most hectic days for an NBA team’s front office. The NBA trade deadline is fast approaching and is the last opportunity for teams to make moves that could bolster their rosters. Some big trades are still on the table as the deadline is less than an hour away.

One of these trades is between the Brooklyn Nets and the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Nets are looking to pick up back- up guard Reggie Jackson in exchange for center Brook Lopez.

Twitter has been exploding with rumors about player movement as well as reporting when trades have been made. #NBATradeDeadline has been trending all afternoon as fans and reporters anxiously wait to see if any big moves come up.

As with everything, there are those making jokes about teams that are at the bottom of the standings.

The New York Knicks who are at the bottom of the Eastern Conference and boasting a 10 win season need anything they can get. Their star player Carmelo Anthony is done for the season needing knee surgery. But in all reality, no trade will save them from this season.

The deadline is 35 minutes away. Will the trades still on the table go through? Or will they fall of the table? We’ll find out at 3 pm.


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