Can Kentucky Stay Perfect?

Kentucky’s men’s basketball team is still perfect this season boasting a 27-0 record and the unanimous top ranked team in the nation.

As March Madness draws closer Kentucky is a sure 1 seed in the tournament.  But can they pull off the perfect season? With only four regular season games left and only one game against a ranked opponent the answer is most likely yes.

Kentucky’s stifling defense and excellent ball movement are going to be hard for anyone to beat. They have put up some large margins in their wins. The Wildcats  have destroyed teams this season, beating teams by as many as 58 points.

There are a few teams out there who could threaten Kentucky in the tournament. The other top seeds for the tournament are most likely Gonzaga, Duke, and Virginia. These teams are all dangerous and could give Kentucky a run for their money later in the tournament if they meet up.

With Selection Sunday coming up on March 15, we will see the road that Kentucky will have to take in order to pull off and undefeated season and claim their 9th National Championship.

Can they remain perfect? Yes, but in the tournament you never know what Cinderella story team could bring that to an end.




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