Weak Ankles or a Strong Crossover?

Last night the Houston Rockets and Minnesota Timberwolves played each other. The big story coming out of the game is the stability of Ricky Rubio’s ankles after James Harden crossed him over and drained a 3- pointer in his face.

Immediately twitter exploded about the play. Even the teams began to tweet about the play. Fortunately, the conversation between the teams was just playful banter and didn’t blow up into something controversial.

Should teams tweet at each other during a game? If its anything like last night I am totally for it. It gives the fans something else to get involved with. As long as the teams are respectful and keep the jokes in good taste, this could be great for professional sports teams.

Ricky Rubio, I hope your ankles are okay because James Harden destroyed them last night.


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