Is Adrian Peterson’s Reinstatement Good for the League?

After being suspended indefinitely from the NFL after a child abuse scandal, Adrian Peterson has had his suspension thrown out by a judge. Peterson was charged with hitting his son with a switch early into the NFL season. He left the Minnesota Vikings and was suspended by the NFL.

Peterson’s reinstatement hasn’t come without controversy. Earlier this season Raven’s running back Ray Rice was banned from the NFL after video of his hitting his wife in an elevator at an Atlantic City casino. Rice was originally suspended for two games before being suspended indefinitely by Roger Goodell for violating the league’s domestic abuse policy. Many people questioned how short the suspension was in comparison to other players who have violated league rules.

The league has created a protocol for punishing players who commit acts of domestic abuse. However, the issue is not how to punish players for domestic violence  but how they can prevent it from happening.

Professional sports teams need to throw the book at players who commit acts of domestic violence. They cannot allow players to return after these violations.  Many children look up to their favorite sports heroes. If these children see that these players are committing these acts and not being severely punished it can give them the idea that it is okay to do.

Domestic abuse is a huge issue that needs to be dealt with. Professional athletes can be the catalyst in preventing further abuse.


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