Sports in the Palm of your Hand

Social media is a powerful tool. Before social media people could only get their sporting news from television or newspaper. Now sports news is easily accessible from the palm of your hand. Twitter and Facebook allow for instant updates on games and breaking news.

Recently Snapchat added a new feature to their app. The Discover feature allows for news outlets to post stories on the app. These stories are updated daily and cover a variety of topics.

ESPN is able to post stories and videos on the app which gives users a full multimedia experience.  These apps allow users quick and easy access to the news they want. Snapchat also allows for live looks into sporting events from people who are there.

Social Media has continued to evolve with the technology that comes out. Who knows how we will be able to acquire our news in the future. With the way social media is headed we will most likely be able to get our news on normal items that we wear.


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