NFL Offseason Moves Could Land Teams Big Players

The NFL offseason is always filled with interesting trades and player signings,re-signings and cuts. This year is no exception. So far this year the Ravens cut wide receiver and kick returner Jacoby Jones who was the hero of their Super Bowl run in 2012. The Steelers are prepared to release veteran Troy Polamalu if he decides not to retire.

The big story building in the offseason is where will 5 time pro bowler Brandon Marshall will land.

Marshall’s career stats include 773 receptions, 1,298 yards and 65 touchdowns.  Marshall brings a lot to the table. He is a big, physical receiver who can make plays. Acquiring Marshall may require a big deal but is safer than relying on the draft to find a receiver.

By trading for Marshall a team knows what they are going to get. He has performed at a very high level against NFL defenses. Drafting a player will require some time for them to develop and then risk the chance of wasting a draft pick on a bust.

Another big piece of news is that Peyton Manning has agreed to remain in Denver. Manning is taking a $4 million pay cut to remain with the team. Questions surrounding Manning’s health and ability to perform at a high level led to rumors that he may not return to the team in 2015.

With free agency starting in five days, we will see what other movements go on around the league.


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