Standing Strong Together as One

Earlier this week the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at Oklahoma University was exposed of a racist chant through a video that went viral almost immediately. The video showed members of the fraternity chanting there will never be a n*gger SAE. The chant also made references to lynchings.

The chapter was immediately shut down and a few members were expelled from the fraternity.

In response to the video the Oklahoma football program has came together in solidarity to show that they will not tolerate racism on their campus. The Sooners have decided to participate in a silent protest during practice.

The protest is being led by the captains of the team. Oklahoma linebacker Eric Striker took to Snapchat to share his opinions on the incident in a fiery series of videos voicing his outrage at the incident and the blatant racism the fraternity exhibited in the chant.

Racism has no place in today’s society. When social groups such as a fraternity show signs of blatant racism it is a heartwarming sign to see an team stand up together against the wrong doing and support those that were wronged.


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