He Can Do it All

Will Ferrell had a busy day yesterday as he played in five MLB spring training games for ten different teams. Ferrell was participating for the Cancer for College charity. The charity provides college scholarships for cancer survivors. Ferrell posted impressive numbers in his short lived MLB career. He posted a 0.00 ERA and 1.000 Fielding percentage.

Ferrell played for the Angels, Mariners, Athetics, Reds, Diamonbacks, Padres, White Sox, Cubs, Giants, and Dodgers. He pitched, caught, and played in the field.

Ferrell finished out the day being third base coach for the Cubs where he gave signs to the team literally.

The highlight of the event was when Ferrell got dropped in by a helicopter for the White Sox. This move mimicked Space  Jam when Michael Jordan came onto the field.

More celebrities should follow in Ferrell’s footsteps. Charity events that engage sports fans help spread awareness for the cause. Thousands of fans are in attendance at these games so if every fan only donated $1 the charity would still benefit greatly.

Thank you Will Ferrell, keep up the good work on the diamond.


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