Let the Madness Begin!

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament began last night with the play in games and already there is March Madness. All games in the tournament are meant to be played at neutral sites so that no team has home court advantage. However the University of Dayton Flyers had just that.

The game was a close on and full of highlights including Dyshawn Pierre losing his pants during a play.

The game was a close battle between Dayton and Boise State. The game came down to the last second where Boise State put up a contested shot that is normally called a foul. The refs didn’t blow the whistle and Dayton ended up winning the game 56-55.

This is where more Madness comes into play. Was this a product of the game being held on Dayton’s home court. Senior guard Jordan Seibert said that without the crowd he doesn’t believe they win that game.

Should the NCAA have allowed that game to occur in Dayton? Probably not. Was there anything they could do about it? Yes and no. The venue for the tournament had been set prior to selection Sunday. If Dayton had gotten into the tournament without needing a play in game then they would have never had to step foot on the floor in Dayton. However, if they had over seeded Dayton to prevent them from having a home court advantage, another team could have been negatively affected.

All said and done the game is over and can’t be replayed. Boise State had an unlucky draw. They had opportunities to win the game that they didn’t capitalize on that would have changed the outcome. In order to prevent this in the future the NCAA should make sure that any tournament venue is never used as a home field for any Division I team.

We are only one day into the tournament and there is already Madness. Let’s only hope that the tournament provides more.


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