Rewriting the Books

The NFL coaches meeting was full of discussion and voting. Going into the meeting there were 23 rule changes proposed. One of these rule changes was due to a play the Patriots ran during the playoffs. The Pats lined up players who were ineligible in positions where an eligible receiver would be. This caused confusion for the Baltimore Ravens in the Divisional round of the playoffs and was a controversy after the game. The coaches voted that this formation is now illegal and cannot be used in game anymore.

Another topic of discussion was the extra point. During last season’s preseason the NFL experimented with changing how the extra point was attempted by moving the ball back from the two yard line. Some new ideas include making teams go for a two point play and allowing the defense to score in the event of a turnover. Nothing was officially voted on but there will be voting in the next set of meetings in May.

The main theme of the meetings was fixing what the league did wrong last year. Issues involving player suspensions and dealing with violations of the leagues personal conduct policy were discussed. Greg Hardy’s status for his violation of the policy was a major topic.

The league needs to set a standard for these violations. Currently the league handles them on a case by case basis which caused controversy when Ray Rice was suspended for only two games after being accused of punching his fiancee in an elevator. The league later changed the punishment to an indefinite suspension. Not much later Adrian Peterson was indefinitely suspended when he turned him self in for child abuse.

The NFL has to develop a policy that sets solid punishments for infractions. By doing this the league will bypass having to listen to cases and decide the punishments. It also makes it fair to all players. With uniform punishments no one can say they were treated unfairly.

We will see what the league decides in May until then we have the draft to look forward to.


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