John Lester: Burning more than just a radar gun

The internet is fool of trolls. Spending countless hours searching the web for something to make comments on. When a professional athlete makes a mistake these trolls jump on it.

Jon Lester who has one of the highest contracts in baseball with a six year $155 million deal with a $30 million signing bonus became victim to these trolls after making an errant throw to first base.

With a contract like that you would expect that Lester would be able to make a throw over to first and get it even relatively close to the first baseman. Granted they did get the runner out but none of it was due to Lester.

The Twitter trolls were quick to react but Lester, unlike his pick off attempt, hit the mark.

Clever Lester, very clever.

Professional athletes are always going to be held to a very high standard by the couch critics. In households everywhere some high school sports star was yelling at the television about how he could have done that.The Cubs did end up winning that night but Lester should try and get his pick off move to the same level as his troll slaying.


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