The Bad Boys of Kansas City

Professional sports are always full of emotion and sometimes these emotions boil over into something more. Some sports embrace this. Hockey players brawl it out on the ice as part of the game with some players only purpose being to take people out. Baseball also has a culture of fighting but nothing compared to those guys on the ice,

The NBA had the “Bad Boy” Pistons that were known for their aggressive style of defense and willingness to go the extra mile if necessary. This year the bad boy image has taken a trip further south and landed in Kaufman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals.

The Royals already have had nine players ejected for fighting this season. That makes up 36 percent of the ejections this season in the MLB.  Royals starting pitcher Yolando Ventura hasn’t left a game this year without it being due to an ejection or an injury.

The Royals are coming off a season where they made it to the World Series when no one expected them too. They had a late season surge that carried through the playoffs and landed them in the Fall Classic. The Royals fought hard in the series but came up short. Coming into this season the team feels they should have won the series and will do what they need to get back there. The have had a great start to the season, but the big highlight coming from them are the fights, throwing at batters, and fights.

The Royals have been thrown at quite alot this season already. They have been hit by sixteen pitches this season which is a high number this early into the season.

The latest fight came against the Chicago White Sox, these two teams have already shown bad blood toward each other with six batters being hit by pitches in their first series of the season.

The Royals demand the respect they deserve and have taken to fighting to show that they are here to play this year. However, this comes with a cost. Every fight leaves the chance of players getting hurt or suspended for long periods. The Royals need to gain their respect on the diamond within the rules of the game if they want to carry on their early success. The fights have shown fans that they aren’t messing around but isn’t the most popular tactic.


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