Teams Keep Dancing and Brackets Keep Getting Busted

How bad is your bracket looking? If you picked Baylor or Iowa State like most of the country it probably isn’t looking that great. Baylor was upset on a deep last second three pointer by Georgia State while Iowa State lost a battle against University of Alabama at Birmingham. An UCLA that many believe should not have made the tournament beat out Southern Mississippi. The round is still going on and opportunity for more upsets are plentiful.

Here is who America thought would win each game in the tournament.

So who do you think will when it all and how are your brackets looking? Send in your predictions and we can compare or if you picked like me we can talk about how badly we picked. Looking forward to seeing what you all think.


Let the Madness Begin!

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament began last night with the play in games and already there is March Madness. All games in the tournament are meant to be played at neutral sites so that no team has home court advantage. However the University of Dayton Flyers had just that.

The game was a close on and full of highlights including Dyshawn Pierre losing his pants during a play.

The game was a close battle between Dayton and Boise State. The game came down to the last second where Boise State put up a contested shot that is normally called a foul. The refs didn’t blow the whistle and Dayton ended up winning the game 56-55.

This is where more Madness comes into play. Was this a product of the game being held on Dayton’s home court. Senior guard Jordan Seibert said that without the crowd he doesn’t believe they win that game.

Should the NCAA have allowed that game to occur in Dayton? Probably not. Was there anything they could do about it? Yes and no. The venue for the tournament had been set prior to selection Sunday. If Dayton had gotten into the tournament without needing a play in game then they would have never had to step foot on the floor in Dayton. However, if they had over seeded Dayton to prevent them from having a home court advantage, another team could have been negatively affected.

All said and done the game is over and can’t be replayed. Boise State had an unlucky draw. They had opportunities to win the game that they didn’t capitalize on that would have changed the outcome. In order to prevent this in the future the NCAA should make sure that any tournament venue is never used as a home field for any Division I team.

We are only one day into the tournament and there is already Madness. Let’s only hope that the tournament provides more.

He Can Do it All

Will Ferrell had a busy day yesterday as he played in five MLB spring training games for ten different teams. Ferrell was participating for the Cancer for College charity. The charity provides college scholarships for cancer survivors. Ferrell posted impressive numbers in his short lived MLB career. He posted a 0.00 ERA and 1.000 Fielding percentage.

Ferrell played for the Angels, Mariners, Athetics, Reds, Diamonbacks, Padres, White Sox, Cubs, Giants, and Dodgers. He pitched, caught, and played in the field.

Ferrell finished out the day being third base coach for the Cubs where he gave signs to the team literally.

The highlight of the event was when Ferrell got dropped in by a helicopter for the White Sox. This move mimicked Space  Jam when Michael Jordan came onto the field.

More celebrities should follow in Ferrell’s footsteps. Charity events that engage sports fans help spread awareness for the cause. Thousands of fans are in attendance at these games so if every fan only donated $1 the charity would still benefit greatly.

Thank you Will Ferrell, keep up the good work on the diamond.

Standing Strong Together as One

Earlier this week the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at Oklahoma University was exposed of a racist chant through a video that went viral almost immediately. The video showed members of the fraternity chanting there will never be a n*gger SAE. The chant also made references to lynchings.

The chapter was immediately shut down and a few members were expelled from the fraternity.

In response to the video the Oklahoma football program has came together in solidarity to show that they will not tolerate racism on their campus. The Sooners have decided to participate in a silent protest during practice.

The protest is being led by the captains of the team. Oklahoma linebacker Eric Striker took to Snapchat to share his opinions on the incident in a fiery series of videos voicing his outrage at the incident and the blatant racism the fraternity exhibited in the chant.

Racism has no place in today’s society. When social groups such as a fraternity show signs of blatant racism it is a heartwarming sign to see an team stand up together against the wrong doing and support those that were wronged.

Academics Come First

Syracuse recently self imposed sanctions on their basketball program which would keep them out of any post season tournaments. Today the NCAA released its report and sanctions on the Syracuse athletic program over the past decade.

The report stated that Syracuse had failed to monitor its program and had committed multiple academic violations. The violations also include not following its drug testing policy. The university admitted to not following this protocol. Syracuse has been punished by losing 12 scholarships over the next four years as well as vacating 108 wins that included players who were academically ineligible. The NCAA also has requested that any revenues gained from the team during NCAA tournaments be repaid.

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim has also been suspended for nine games. Before the sanctions were handed down Boeheim was 34 wins from joining Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski in the 1,000 win club. Now he is at 858 wins.

The NCAA said “The behavior in this case, which placed the desire to achieve success on the basketball court over academic integrity, demonstrated clearly misplaced institutional priorities.”

Syracuse abandoned the what the NCAA aims to achieve. The NCAA aims to promote athletics and scholarship. Syracuse will need to build its academic program for student athletes in order to avoid further sanctions.

NFL Offseason Moves Could Land Teams Big Players

The NFL offseason is always filled with interesting trades and player signings,re-signings and cuts. This year is no exception. So far this year the Ravens cut wide receiver and kick returner Jacoby Jones who was the hero of their Super Bowl run in 2012. The Steelers are prepared to release veteran Troy Polamalu if he decides not to retire.

The big story building in the offseason is where will 5 time pro bowler Brandon Marshall will land.

Marshall’s career stats include 773 receptions, 1,298 yards and 65 touchdowns.  Marshall brings a lot to the table. He is a big, physical receiver who can make plays. Acquiring Marshall may require a big deal but is safer than relying on the draft to find a receiver.

By trading for Marshall a team knows what they are going to get. He has performed at a very high level against NFL defenses. Drafting a player will require some time for them to develop and then risk the chance of wasting a draft pick on a bust.

Another big piece of news is that Peyton Manning has agreed to remain in Denver. Manning is taking a $4 million pay cut to remain with the team. Questions surrounding Manning’s health and ability to perform at a high level led to rumors that he may not return to the team in 2015.

With free agency starting in five days, we will see what other movements go on around the league.

Sports in the Palm of your Hand

Social media is a powerful tool. Before social media people could only get their sporting news from television or newspaper. Now sports news is easily accessible from the palm of your hand. Twitter and Facebook allow for instant updates on games and breaking news.

Recently Snapchat added a new feature to their app. The Discover feature allows for news outlets to post stories on the app. These stories are updated daily and cover a variety of topics.

ESPN is able to post stories and videos on the app which gives users a full multimedia experience.  These apps allow users quick and easy access to the news they want. Snapchat also allows for live looks into sporting events from people who are there.

Social Media has continued to evolve with the technology that comes out. Who knows how we will be able to acquire our news in the future. With the way social media is headed we will most likely be able to get our news on normal items that we wear.